21 January 2019
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РаботаId: 10140909.02.2018
От:  Bulwork  
Who are we?
Bulwork is the first IT and BPO recruitment agency in Bulgaria with more than 16 years of significant presence in the market. The company has established a reputation for delivering high-quality services to both candidates and clients. The company respects the candidates and always strives to find the most suitable and challenging job for them.

Our client:
A global provider of professional digital production and IT development services. As a trusted partner of leading software and interactive agencies worldwide, our client ensures the technological prerequisites for a timely and effective implementation of online campaigns and custom development solutions.

Currently, together we are looking for:


- To bridge the gap between
Цена в лв.:
Боян Дренски

Email:  boyan.drenski@bulwork.com

(c) 2007-2008

ДИПЛОМИРАН КИТАЙСКИ ЛЕКАР - иглотерапевт с 25 години стаж от които 15 в България. Лекува: бронхит, астма, синузит, главоболие, мигрена, невралгии, дископатия, дискова херния, ишиас, шипове и др.
София    ул. "Хр. Станчев" 9   тел; 02/9532126   GSM/ 0898601883



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