19 June 2018
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РаботаId: 10160827.02.2018
От:  Bulwork  
Who are we?
Bulwork is the first IT&BPO recruitment agency in Bulgaria with more than 16 years stable presence in the market. The company has established a reputation of delivering high quality services both to the clients and candidates. We respect the wishes of our clients and strive to provide the best service by finding the most suitable and challenging job for them.

Who is our client?
A fast-growing software company offering high-quality design and development services worldwide. Their mission is to provide solutions that will actually make a difference and satisfy the needs of both their clients and end users. Due to their increasing projects they need an inspired colleague to join their team in Sofia, Bulgaria on the position of:


Good to hav
Цена в лв.:
Магдалена Франгова

Мобилен: +359 898 774 993

Email:  magdalena.frangova@bulwork.com

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ДИПЛОМИРАН КИТАЙСКИ ЛЕКАР - иглотерапевт с 25 години стаж от които 15 в България. Лекува: бронхит, астма, синузит, главоболие, мигрена, невралгии, дископатия, дискова херния, ишиас, шипове и др.
София    ул. "Хр. Станчев" 9   тел; 02/9532126   GSM/ 0898601883



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